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      Humanistic culture

    The love and respect as a prerequisite
    The love and respect as the "company and employee"'s premise of the good cooperation, at the same time the company focuses on the employee's survival and the development, and to staff the company pay attention to care, love and respect. As the company's leadership understand, if the enterprise without humanistic care.Many of the rules and encourage all will become flimsy.A enterprise will also lose cohesion, enthusiasm and vigor. The company's humanistic care stressed emotion of self-discipline,make the system management and humanistic care organic combination to unify,make better implementation of the system.
    To make good use of the talent and his wisdom
    The company with humanistic care to staff training, found that employees of the advantages and specialty through the humanistic care to make good use of the talent and his wisdom.The company's service also includes humanistic care, The customers' perspective to meet the application requirements, this practice in the industry establish good public praise and brand image.
    Love Customers is love our own.
    Monthly organization "birthday party" for that month birthday celebration employees birthday; Company organization "Mid-Autumn evening party," and so on, baking to be getting out of school or the first steps into the social lives at work staff, to meticulous care as they create good growth environment, loose for they provide the best study place, the best teacher assigned, the company specialized for them to provide psychological counselling, help them into work and in the society as soon as possible. The company with a thick "home" atmosphere, the company was established, Most of employees enjoying the big family of joy of Horngshiue.

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