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    Excellence—Precision is a method and a standard
      Dedicate die face design
    With surface modeling by computer, designers to complete the dedicate die face design and greatly educe surface milling,bench work and tryout.
    Compact die structure
    Designers to ensure the reliability of stamping and simplify die structure as compact and exquisite, in the mean time ,to facilitate die maintenance.




      Precise machining
    More than 10 sets of large-size high-precision CNC and continuous optimized CAM technology to guarantee precise machining.
    Dedicate tryout
    The company has a large number of experienced beach workers and complete tools and check facility. So beach workers can analyze and eliminate remaining issues from the previous procedure.

      Accurate measurement
    Complete 3D measuring is applied in the entire process such as pattern scanning and comparison with design, casting comparison with design and online measuring while machining.